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Zetor Proxima tractors are reliable agricultural machines combining consistent horsepower from the engine and a high-quality gearbox. Therefore they achieve high performance in any situation.


Their simple, robust construction makes Proxima models reliable in even the heaviest conditions. Zetor tractors are designed in such a way to ensure that a long life is assured.

Total Cost of Ownership

By combining versatility and low operating costs, the Proxima family’s models are efficient and economical to own. Proxima Tractors

Proxima Tractors

Universal, reliable and robust perfectly describe the Proxima tractors, which rank as the most popular Zetor models. These machines meet customers' demanding requirements for work in agriculture, forestry and municipal service.

Specification comparison
  • Model Proxima CL – offers more gearbox variants with regard to practical applications and customers' needs.
  • Model Proxima GP – has higher engine power and a gearbox with a greater number of gear ratios.
  • Model Proxima HS – is characterized by versatility, comfort, safety and high productivity. It has a modern gearbox design with electro-hydraulic reverser and a larger range of gear ratios.
Proxima CL
Proxima GP
Proxima HS

Powerful with low

Proxima tractors are equipped with four-cylinder Zetor engines offering 80 to 120 horsepower. With a simple design and no unnecessary electronics, these provide low fuel consumption and therefore guarantee low operating costs, minimal maintenance requirements and high durability.

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High endurance
and long life

There is a choice of gearbox options for Proxima tractors. The Proxima CL model has a universal, mechanical type of gearbox that is the only one that is available with creeper speeds. The Proxima GP model features a more modern gearbox with a two-stage torque multiplier (PowerShift), while the the Proxima HS model features the most modern solution with a three-stage torque multiplier (PowerShift) and hydraulic reverser (PowerShuttle).


Reliable operation
in all directions

Proxima tractors are equipped with up to a four hydraulic quick couplers and electro-hydraulic control (EHR) for comfortable operation with implements. The efficiency of the hydraulics is based on the unique HitchTronic function that offers automatic regulation of the rear three-point hitch. The maximum lifting force of up to 42 kN copes with coupling of a large number of implements.

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Driver comfort

The cabs of Proxima tractors are comfortable and safe. They provide plenty of space around the driver, with optimum views to all sides, including the roof view, for the best control of the implement being used. Tractor operation is also simple, clear and intuitive.

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