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We are not just producer, we are Zetor Family. Be in close touch with producer and have the influence on product and the growth of Zetor brand.

70 years of experience

Zetor 70

With over seven decades of combined manufacturing and distribution experience, Zetor brand provides competitive products, advanced technology and smart solutions for the present and future needs of farmers and industrial contractors worldwide.

Expanding product portfolio

Zetor Primo

15 - 20 HP

Zetor Primo

Zetor Compax

25 - 40 HP

Zetor Compax

Zetor Utilix

40 - 50 HP

Zetor Utilix CL

40 - 50 HP

Zetor Utilix HT

Zetor Major

70 - 80 HP

Zetor Major CL

70 - 80 HP

Zetor Major HS

Zetor Proxima

80 - 110 HP

Zetor Proxima CL

80 - 110 HP

Zetor Proxima GP

80 - 120 HP

Zetor Proxima HS

Zetor Forterra

100 - 140 HP

Zetor Forterra CL

120 - 140 HP

Zetor Forterra HSX

130 - 150 HP

Zetor Forterra HD

Zetor Crystal

170 HP

Zetor Crystal

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