Zetor Forterra


Tractors Zetor Forterra have the power range category from 96–136 HP with an attested design of robust Zetor engines and exceptionally good power shift parameters.

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Technical Parameters

MODEL 100  110 120 130 140
MODEL Z 1005 Z 1305 Z 1405 Z 1505 Z 1605
Homologated power 2000/25
(kW / HP)
70,4 / 96 78,4 / 106 86,2 / 117 93,2 / 127 100,2 / 136
Rated speed (rpm) 2 200
No. of valves 8 16
No. of cylinders 4
Aspiration turbocharged
Bore / Stroke (mm) 105 / 120
Displacement (cc) 4156
Torque reserve (%) 37 35
Emission TIER III
Type dry, single plate, hydraulic control
Diameter (mm) 350
Lining cerametallic
Type mechanical, hydraulically controlled three-speed power-shift
Shifting fully synchronised
Gears forward / reverse 24 / 18
Speed (kmph) 40
Type independent, ground speed standard, multi-plate PTO clutch
Speeds (rpm) 540/1000
Front PTO (rpm.) +1000 (–1000), optional
Type electrohydraulic ZMS 23 LS
Three point hitch category II
Control electric continous control
Lift capacity (kN) 58,5
Operating pressure (MPa) 20
Pump capacity (l/min) 70 standard, 60 optional
SCV’s 3 sets standard, 2 sets optional
Drive system 4WD
Operator’s station cab version only
Steering hydrostatic
Service brake wet disc brake, hydraulic control
Parking brake mechanical control
Front axle 4WD 55° turning angle, limited slip front differential, braked, fenders
Rear axle epicyclic final reduction, differential lock engaged electro-pneumatically
Lenght (mm) 4670
Width (mm) 2164
Height (mm) 2720
Wheel base (mm) 2390
Clearance (mm) 417
Standard front tyres 12.4R28 14.9R24
Standard rear tyres 16.9R38 18.4R38
Weight (kg) 4550
  • adjustable steering wheel
  • A/C
  • rear PTO 750/1000
  • Grammer air suspended seats
  • passenger seat
  • adjustable trailer hitch
  • pick-up hitch
  • front three point hitch
  • front and rear weights
  • block heater
  • carbon filters
  • hydraulic or air pressure trailer brakes
  • digital display dashboard
  • heated external mirrors and rear windows
  • flashing bacon
  • choice of tyre combinations
  • extention of the rear mudgards


Tractors Zetor Forterra have the power range category from 90-136 HP with an attested design of robust Zetor engines and exceptionally good power shift parameters.

Zetor Forterra tractors are powered by their own range of Zetor 4 cylinder engines, turbo- charged & inter-cooled engines that use latest technology to deliver exceptional power with torque backup of up to 37 % and outstanding fuel economy. These engines are designed with a viscous clutch of fan that contributes to their cost-effective operation and noise level reduction.

A smooth shifting 24×18 three speed power shift transmission with forward synchroshuttle & three speed power shifts are controlled by stick mounted buttons. All models are equipped with cerametalic clutch plates for enhanced performance & reliability. The hydraulic circuits of power shift and PTO are designed with a new electro-hydraulic distributor..

Hydraulic system
Powerful electronic hydraulic with 5.8 tonne lift capacity is in standard equipment of all models, as well as lower link sensing.

The tractor cab has all of the main controls ergonomically placed with an analogue display that is easily legible.
New elements of the cab:

  • 180 l fuel tank capacity, optional
  • New roof
  • New placement of the battery under the cab
  • Galvanised steps

New interior enhancements:
The right mudguard has an integrated cover for the hydraulic controls panel with a storage compartment, a 3-plug connector and a lighter

New flooring – creates a higher noise reduction

Front Three-point Linkage and PTO (optional):
Forterra tractors can have the optional three-point linkage and PTO (Zuidberg)

  • The new implementation of the optional three-point linkage has a lifting capacity of 3500 kg
  • The front PTO has a wet disc clutch with electro-hydraulic controls
  • The maximum output of the front PTO is 60 kW
  • Tail pieces of the front PTO have 6 or 21 splined shafts as an option

Tractor Chassis

  • New tyre dimensions: 600/65R38, 520/70R38

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