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Come and see what has been happening in the world of ZETOR over the past few weeks.

ZETOR at British trade fairs

The first month of the summer holidays saw ZETOR appear at local British trade fairs. ZETOR tractors were on display at the traditional Monmouthshire Show, which presents the very best of rural life in the Wye Valley. In mid-July, the ZETOR brand could also be seen at the Great Yorkshire Show, one of the largest British exhibitions, , where the ZETOR UTILIX 55HT with ZC180c loader, ZETOR PROXIMA 120HS with ZQ4s loader, and the ZETOR FORTERRA were big hits. And ZETOR was not absent at a third event either – namely the New Deer Show, which attracts 8 to 10 thousand visitors every year.

Tractor fan base in northern Europe

Northern Europe mostly attracts visitors for its landscapes, but you will also find interesting places connected with ZETOR. You can have lunch in the ZETOR Restaurant in Helsinki, or visit a museum of our tractors in Ystad. In this part of the world, Czech tractors are not only popular for being reliable machines, but also as collector’s items. Fans of the old Z25 model organise an annual meeting for these tractors, as well as the ZETOR Acceleration Race.  

A meeting of “Old-Timers”

Historical ZETOR tractors are also popular in our country. In spite of bad weather, a record number of 108 such tractors gathered for the fifth meeting of historical tractors in Škrdlovice on 13 June. The tractors made two processions to Velké Dářko and to Světnov, and were presented to interested visitors on a guided tour. Some variety was provided by the “Golden Hand Crank” competition, where Z25 tractor engines were started up using the hand crank method.

Tractors and apricots

A week later, on Saturday 20 July, fans of classic tractors had the chance to see historical machines in action at the 30th annual Miroslav Apricot Harvest. Our dealer Agroservis Nejedlý was also involved in the event, which showcases regional agriculture. A procession presented tractors manufactured in 1939, while new ZETOR tractors from all performance series were also on display. Those who were interested were given the chance to take a ride around a test circuit on the ZETOR MAJOR HS 80, ZETOR PROXIMA HS 90 and ZETOR CRYSTAL HD 170 models. An added bonus was a tractor-train with a route leading to an exhibition of classic cars and to the town centre.

On the road in Poland

ZETOR can also be found in action in our northern neighbour. ZETOR’s complete product portfolio from the UTILIX to the CRYSTAL range were on display at the 42nd annual AGRO-TECH Trade Fair 2019 near the village of Minikowo. Almost 300 exhibitors and over 35,000 visitors made their way to the largest agricultural exhibition in north-west Poland. And ZETOR will certainly not be absent at AGRO SHOW, the culmination of the Polish exhibition season, held in the town of Bednary from 19 to 22 September. With 800 exhibitors and a crowd of 140,000, the event is also the largest open-air agricultural show in Europe.