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Welcome to the latest selection of things that might interest you from the world of ZETOR. Have you ever found a tractor in a shell instead of a nut? Do you want to know how the ZETOR tractors are breaking records? Then read on!

What is the smallest ZETOR tractor model that you have ever seen? You would certainly add the paper model by Mr. Zbyňek Havlát, which is only slightly larger than a two-crown coin and fits in a nutshell to the ranks of record breakers. In spite of this, it has elaborate details and even won an award at this year’s Paper Spring (Papírové jaro) exhibition.

Official records were really broken by the ZETOR tractors at the VYSOČINA ZETOR SHOW in Nové Město na Moravě. The tractors created and broke four Czech records and one world record. According to Czech statistics, till then 103 tractors of a single brand and 231 tractors without differentiation of brand had gathered in one place, which was playfully defeated by this year’s 237 ZETOR tractors in one place. The event also brought new records in the longest tractor motorcade and longest motorcade of tractors of a single brand. On the global scale, the Lithuanian record of 117 ZETOR tractors in one place was broken.

Traktory ZETOR překonávaly rekordy

Thanks to the care of our fans, even our old models need not end up in a junk yard. Proof of this is the recent Model Innovation 2011 undertaken by our customer from Croatia. The tractor from 1963 thus still faces a bright future!

Není k dispozici žádný popis fotky.

Are you interested in all the capabilities of the ZETOR FORTERRA 140 HSX? The Norwegian magazine Better Gardsdrift subjected it to a tough test. They tested the tractor in loading work such as lifting of stones or large bags, but also on the road or in heavy snow conditions.

Do you already have warm clothes for this autumn? You can supplement your wardrobe with sweatshirts and jackets from our e-shop. With selected models, you will additionally get the Pure Farming computer game free-of-charge, so when the weather no longer allows work on the field, you can replace it with this alternative in the comfort of your home.

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